Get unstuck and activate change in your job or career.

Dare to talk about what really matters to you and the future you want.

Get help with job or career crisis, burnout, opportunities, or workplace conflicts.

Work together to advocate for healthy, fair, and sustainable work lives.

Better communicate with the people you work with now and the people you
WANT to work with, both online and offline.

Connect short and long-term goals with your core values and strengths.

Hold yourself accountable for career development or job search.

Get help with LinkedIn, resume, networking, and interview prep.

When I came to Amy for help with next career moves she was able to brilliantly walk the line between being a grounding force and an inspirational guide at the same time! She helped me to dream big about what I wanted to do while always holding me accountable to the practical and helpful next steps to bring that vision to reality.
— J.L., Educational Consultant