When I came to Amy for help with next career moves she was able to brilliantly walk the line between being a grounding force and an inspirational guide at the same time! She helped me to dream big about what I wanted to do while always holding me accountable to the practical and helpful next steps to bring that vision to reality.
— J.L., Educational Consultant

If you are at a crossroads in your work, career, or other big projects

Imagine that you are able to think and talk freely about what you do best, the work you love, and your hope for the future.

In coaching, we will articulate what you want and make a plan for how to get it. We will work together to make you more productive and accountable to your goals. We will go further than you thought you could while staying grounded in practical details that will turn plans into reality.

  • Be more productive with less stress

  • Start something new or take your work to the next level

  • Manage changes or conflict in your workplace

  • Make more money and make a greater impact through your work

Coaching conversations are confidential, nonjudgmental,
and scheduled for your convenience by video or phone.