Imagine succeeding in your career transition, changes within your job, or working for yourself! Let’s get started working together to make that happen.


In coaching, you will think and speak freely about what you want, what you are good at, and what matters the most to you. We will explore your strengths, what motivates you, and get specific about your options. I can help you if you are ready for a job or career change, navigating conflict at your current job, or managing a transition to retirement.

Coaching moves you forward in your career journey or current job by striking a special balance between aspirational and grounding in practical detail.

You will feel better about your priorities and take action between each session. Coaching includes interview prep, resume and linkedin help, and preparing your online personal brand so that you define how you are seen by employers and networkers.


You will make bold and strategic decisions, get unstuck, and move more quickly towards your version of success. You will have a work-life for yourself that is healthier, more sustainable for the long-term, and is grounded in your own priorities. I will work with you to manage your complicated professional needs if you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, consultant, writer, campaigner, or artist.

Through coaching you will clarify and articulate your wants, needs, and vision. You will see how your passion and strengths give you an advantage and work on those areas which make you unique and powerful. You will break down big projects into manageable tasks.

You will stand up for yourself to receive recognition and compensation you deserve. In coaching, you can speak honestly about your struggles and celebrate your accomplishments, while making your own path towards personal and professional success.

Schedule a free 30-minute conversation to get started. An immediate chance to connect with me about what you are going through and discuss what coaching can do for you. Coaching can be weekly or twice a month for any length of time, by phone or video wherever you are. Reduce rate available for a commitment of 6 or more sessions.

You can enjoy a trusted relationship with your coach where you can take a break and come back to coaching as your situation changes, your schedule changes, or you need extra support.

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