Coaching is a collaborative partnership to realize personal and professional potential.

  • Develop your strengths

  • Make decisions

  • Prioritize and set timelines for success

  • Hold yourself accountable

  • Clarify and articulate your wants, needs, and vision

  • Become more comfortable talking about your work

  • Better use your network and navigate work relationships


Career Transitions

I will give you the confidential time to focus on what you want and plot out your next moves with less stress. You might be looking for a new job, going back to work after a break, or know you want something different and aren’t sure what direction to go in. We will talk about how to build on your strengths and set measurable, acheivable action steps towards your goals.

Navigating Change or Conflict at Your Current Job

Going through a company or nonprofit reorganization? Want a promotion? Managing work conflict? You can’t always talk honestly or productively with your coworkers, boss, or HR department.  As your coach, I am on your side, will help you stay focused on YOUR goals, and give suggestions about how to understand and respond to the dynamics in your workplace. I will give you a confidential outside perspective and focus on identifying and developing your strengths.


I can help you talk through decisions and articulate your plans, to meet your own vision for professional success. If you are you a freelancer, consultant, working multiple jobs, or starting your own business, I can help you make confident decisions, stay accountable to your goals, and avoid burnout. Your work should not mean compromising your health, financial needs, or personal relationships.

Navigating Retirement

I can help you find a fulfilling next path, balancing your own needs, your family's and the causes that are important to you. If you are nearing retirement or have already arrived, I can work with you to navigate decisions about how to spend your time. The possibilities for your future will open up and your time spent will match your values, dreams, and interests.


I offer special rates for a 3 month or 6 month package. We typically meet twice a month, but I am happy to work with you on a more or less frequent meeting plan.

I work remotely by phone or video, anywhere in North America.

Click here to sign up on Calendly for a conversation of up to 30 minutes where we will talk about what you need and how I can help.  Or, just email me at Amy@amyimiller.com.