I am available for consulting or other part-time contract positions in nonprofit and business. 

My best work is done at moments of transition, at the start of a new project, or filling in gaps last minute or when no one else seems to fit.  My experience includes work in politics, arts, media, social services, education, and small business.

As a psychologist, I approach every project with an emphasis on strengthening relationships, achievable outcomes, and strategies for effective communication. My strengths are my deep curiosity, passion for mission-driven success, zeroing in on practical solutions, and forming valuable connections.

Some of the things I can do for you:

-Plan and coordinate events for community enagement, celebrations, and fundraising.

-Research and write proposals for fundraising, communications, and organizational structure.

-Coach individuals on your team for career development and conflict resolution. 

-Provide an outside perspective to an internal dilemma, based on psychological and organizational expertise.

-Problem-solving and planning for businesses, organizations, and projects with very limited resources such as soloprenerours, volunteer-led organizations, and experimental projects.

If you would like to discuss any service or project please book a free appointment with me at calendly.com/amymiller