I am Amy Miller and I help visionary leaders, independent professionals, and innovative organizations move through significant turning points to reach their goals.

My unique story is of bold professional transitions through which I first learned the power of being honest with myself and openness to changing course. As my journey progressed, I came to understand that alongside the freedom of following a dream comes hard work, prioritization, and careful planning.

Amy Ilana Miller, Psy.D.

Amy Ilana Miller, Psy.D.

I started my career in communications, event planning, and volunteer management at world renowned arts nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area. Next, with an interest in advancing my education and a passion for helping others, I decided to to become a clinical psychologist, completing a Psy.D. degree and working with children and adults in mental health and education settings.

After moving to New York City in 2007 to  continue my work as a psychologist, my interests and activities turned to addressing the broader systems of injustice I saw in my work. I found myself gravitating towards  social movements and campaigns, witnessing pivotal moments in history, and became inspired to make a big change. A few years later, I left my work in the mental health field to take on positions campaigning, organizing, and developing exciting new initiatives in progressive politics and media.

Today, as a coach and a consultant, I work with creative, courageous individuals and organizations who believe that taking on the “impossible” requires a focus on what is possible: realistic planning, pragmatic tools, and the support of knowledgeable people. I am passionate about helping those who want to implement plans, transform their lives, and find meaning in their work.

I grew up in San Diego and am a graduate of the University of California Berkeley, where I studied Geography and Theater. I earned my Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, from the California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco and am a licensed psychologist in New York State (#020086). I have been living in New York City for over a decade, and currently reside in Brooklyn.